IPhone 8 subjected to torture and pliability tests

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Barely out,iPhone 8 has already been the subject of several experiments of all kinds. After the classic performance and photo tests, where the phone did very well, the specialists are interested in its resistance. What could be better for this than to torture him? This is the idea that the YouTuber had JerryRigEverything in his new video, in which we can see an iPhone 8 undergo different types of torture.

To begin, Jerry performed a screen test using the Mohs scale. On the 10 existing levels, the screen began to scratch at level 6. The resistance is therefore at the same level as that of the iPhone 7, with which it shares the same screen.

iphone 8 torture tests 1024x576 - The iPhone 8 subjected to torture and pliability tests

After the Mohs ladder, the man tried to scratch the phone with more ordinary items like keys and a coin. Again, the iPhone 8 was not disappointing. None of these objects has managed to leave a mark on the screen, nor on the other components for that matter (glass back, camera, volume buttons, etc.).

Overall, we can say that the iPhone 8 is very resistant, especially since the phone is not easily foldable. No bendgate in sight for Apple!