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iPhone 8: price over $ 1000, all touch & best battery?

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 7 1024x576 - iPhone 8 : prix supérieur à 1000 $, tout tactile & meilleure batterie ?

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 7 1024x576 - iPhone 8 : prix supérieur à 1000 $, tout tactile & meilleure batterie ?

To celebrate the ten years of his smartphone, Apple should give us a special edition of the iPhone. According to a source close to the Californian brand, this iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) will most likely be sold to a price over $ 1,000.

Of course, this price is not very surprising when you know that the 256 GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus is offered at $ 969. The future iPhone 8 should arrive with new features, including an edge-to-edge OLED screen. The latter would cost Apple almost twice as much as the LCD screen used on current iPhones. Furthermore, the new phone is also likely to get a memory upgrade compared to the current iPhone 7, which is relatively expensive due to the strong dollar.

Matteo Gentile iphone 8 concept 7 1024x576 - iPhone 8: price over $ 1000, all touch & best battery?

Three iPhone models for 2017

To accompany the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 (or iPhone X), Apple is expected to release a 4.7-inch model (probably called iPhone 7S) and a 5.5-inch model (iPhone 7S Plus), according to several reports. considered reliable. As KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Quo explained last November, only the iPhone 8 is likely to have an OLED screen. The rest should be equipped with an LCD screen.

In addition, Apple should offer a dual camera on the iPhone 7S Plus 5.5 inch and 8 5.8 inch, as on the current iPhone 7 Plus. The sides of the iPhone 8 will likely be made of forged stainless steel, a cheaper material than the aluminum used on today’s iPhones. The back of the iPhone 8 should be made of glass rather than metal.

A fully tactile iPhone 8?

Apple is working on removing the physical Home button from the iPhone, integrating it into the bottom of the screen. It would thus become an all-touch button, and the new Home button in the iPhone 8 would then be richer in functionality. It is even possible that the physical buttons on the sides of the iPhone disappear, and are replaced by tactile surfaces embedded in the metal.

Apple has also worked with Lumentum on 3D detection technology for its new high-end phone. It is unclear how the technology will be used. It could be used to recognize the user’s face to unlock the smartphone, in the camera to provide better image resolution, or for augmented reality.

A larger battery on the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 should have a much larger battery than that present on the iPhone 7, but its exact capacity remains uncertain.

Recent rumors that Apple is speeding up its manufacturing schedule are unreliable, says Fast Company. At the start of the year, the American giant carried out manufacturing tests by producing up to 100,000 iPhones. This can be a burden on suppliers, because Apple often demands free parts for the devices in its testing. Full iPhone production generally begins in May and runs at full speed in August.

As usual, Apple should announce its new phones in the fall and start selling them soon after. It is interesting to note that the Cupertino company can change the characteristics and specifications of its future iPhone 8 at any time, even late in the production cycle…