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iPhone 8: much lower adoption rate than iPhone 7

iphone 8 8 plus taux adoption week end lancement - iPhone 8 : un taux d

iphone 8 8 plus taux adoption week end lancement - iPhone 8 : un taux d

Available for sale for just over a week, the new iPhone 8 is not expected to break a sales record. According to the latest report from Localytics, the phone would indeed have a much lower adoption rate than its predecessors following the launch weekend.

iPhone 8 8 Plus Weekend Launch Adoption Rate - iPhone 8: Adoption Rate Much Lower Than iPhone 7In detail, the iPhone 8 only reached 0.3% market share during the first weekend of sales. A very weak result compared to that obtained by its predecessors. For the particular case of the iPhone 7, the market share for the same period was 1%. The rate was even higher at the time of the iPhone 6, which had reached 2% of PDM in one weekend. The adoption rate of the new Apple iPhone 8 has therefore never been lower than this year, and this since the launch of the iPhone 5S in 2013 (0.9%).

The reasons for this decline can be many. First, these poor results are probably due to the fact that the iPhone 8 seems to be just a simple update to the iPhone 7. There are very few changes and new features. The other reason is that users prefer to wait for the release of the iPhone X in November. The smartphone is much more innovative with its OLED screen and Face ID facial recognition.