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iPhone 8: a concept with the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 2016


Posted: December 22 2016
Updated: December 22, 2016

by Martin

Who said that French graphic designers were not able to propose concepts ofiPhone 8 worthy of the name? The all new YouTube channel Apple Designer just posted a video of a iPhone 8 with Touch Bar who already has everything to please.

More specifically, the Apple Designer chain has imagined an iPhone 8 with the Touch Bar present on the new MacBook Pro of 2016, in which the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is integrated. The smartphone presented in the video is compatible with induction charging and Thunderbolt 3 (allowing data transfer up to 40GB / s).

concept iphone 8 Apple designer - iPhone 8: a concept with the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 2016

About the Touch Bar, which is located at the bottom of the screen of this iPhone 8, it acts among other things as Home button (and therefore Touch ID), but can also display multitasking, Siri, accessibility , etc. In addition, it can make it easy to answer audio and Facetime calls. Finally, this Touch Bar offers quick access to word suggestions and Emoji in applications like Messages or Mail.

For the curious, here is the message received from the couple behind Apple Designer: “This Youtube channel aims to share our vision of Apple products likely to be released soon. We are not professional designers but only fans of Apple products”. Do not hesitate to follow them to discover their future creations!