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iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017: update on rumors

Concept iPhone 8 3 - iPhone 7S/8 de 2017 : le point sur les rumeurs

Concept iPhone 8 3 - iPhone 7S/8 de 2017 : le point sur les rumeurs

The different versions of the iPhone 7 are not even official yet by Apple as the first rumors about theiPhone 7S / 8 begin to arrive. 2017 could be a pivotal year for Apple and its flagship phone. Indeed, the global smartphone market is shrinking for several months and the iPhone logically suffers the consequences.

But another problem is felt at Apple. While the apple brand was quite technically innovative, the latest major developments have been developed by competitors. We can cite the rounded screen edges, the dual photo sensors or the iris scanner. Of course, the usefulness of these elements is left to everyone’s discretion.

Concept iPhone 8 3 - iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017: update on rumorsIt is for this reason thatApple could offer a real revolution with the iPhone 8 / 7S of 2017. Especially sinceit will be an anniversary version for the 10 years of the smartphone. On the design side, Jonathan Ive always wanted a smartphone with a borderless screen covering the entire smartphone. If this was technically difficult to do in recent years, it is now doable.

In addition, it is also possible that a flexible screen version is there as well as the facial recognition and iris functions. The iPhone version 2017 could also see its name changed to mark the 10th anniversary, and thus be called iPhone 8 rather than iPhone 7S. Even if there is still a long time before the arrival of this iPhone, we already know a little thanks to the noises of corridors which begin to circulate among the suppliers.