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iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017: twice as much autonomy?

batteries iphone 2017 autonomie - iPhone 7S/8 de 2017 : deux fois plus d

batteries iphone 2017 autonomie - iPhone 7S/8 de 2017 : deux fois plus d

Apple is a brand whose reputation is well established, whose robustness is no longer to be demonstrated, but above all, whose faults are almost always pointed out. Besides being above the fray for years in the world of smartphones, the iPhone, the smartphone of the Apple, has an Achilles heel: its autonomy.

Indeed, it is sometimes difficult, even impossible in intensive use, to see your iPhone last 24 hours, and 2017, in addition to the fact of offering a brand new iPhone 7S / 8 full of new features, should also see the appearance of an Apple phone two times more enduring in terms of autonomy.

iphone 2017 batteries autonomy - iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017: twice as much autonomy?

With each new iteration, the iPhone is thinner, and the internal components more numerous. This is partly what justifies the little evolution that the autonomy of the smartphone has had to cash in recent years. In another sense, in addition to looking at how much more miniaturize the internal components of an electronic device, American researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have succeeded in producing a new type of battery.

The MIT find changes two characteristics of the Lithium-Ion battery, its anode and its size. Indeed, the researchers replaced the graphite previously placed at the level of the anode, by a compound known as “lithium-metal” capable of hosting a greater density of ions. The increase in the number of ions at the anode results in an increase in the number of chemical reactions taking place within the accumulator, which in fact results in an increase in the time during which the battery produces energy.

Baptized Solid Energy, the new revolutionary battery had even already been integrated last year in an iPhone marketed, but whose happy owner ignores the presence within it… In fact, with such a configuration, the accumulator would produce 2Ah instead of 1.8Ah currently produced by Apple batteries.

However, you should know that Solid Energy is a project that dates back two years, but which was in the testing phase. In addition, the manufacture of batteries of this type being relatively close to that of current batteries, the conversion of production chains will be all the easier. This is what gives hope for the implementation of the battery in the iPhone 8 / 7S of 2017.