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iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017: a 3rd model with a curved OLED screen?

iPhone 7 Plus Concept incurve 3 - L

iPhone 7 Plus Concept incurve 3 - L

Although theiPhone 7 of 2016 has not yet arrived, rumors continue to abound around his successor. Indeed, the iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017 is seriously starting to be talked about. In recent weeks, we have already obtained a lot of information regarding its design and the various components that should equip it. Today, the Japanese site Nikkei tells us that this future iPhone 8 / 7S would be available in three variants and that one of them would benefit from a screen OLED curved.

iPhone 7 Plus Concept curved 3 - iPhone 7S / 8 of 2017: a 3rd model with curved OLED screen?Admittedly, the rumor about the arrival of the curved OLED screen is not new, since we have already heard about it in the past. This new information therefore only confirms it. The same is true for the three variants: it may well be true since the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has already mentioned this possibility in the past.

We would thus be entitled to a 4.7-inch model, another 5.5 inches and finally a third “Premium” model, which would embed the curved OLED screen. For the moment, it is not yet known whether all of this information is correct. However, as the iPhone 7S (or iPhone 8) of 2017 is announced as a carrier of big news, it could be that the three variants as well as the curved OLED screen are really there.