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iPhone 7: video in 4K at 60 IPS and Matte Black model?

iPhone 7 noir sideral concept - iPhone 7 : vidéo en 4K à 60 IPS et modèle Noir Mat ?

iPhone 7 noir sideral concept - iPhone 7 : vidéo en 4K à 60 IPS et modèle Noir Mat ?

The long-awaited iPhone 7 will be unveiled tomorrow at the keynote Apple. However, leaks about it continue to fill the web and they do not fail to reveal rather interesting information to us.

This is for example the case of this new information that has just been disclosed on the Vietnamese site We already knew that the next iPhone will benefit from high-performance photo sensors, but what we did not know is that these sensors would be able to record a video in 4K at 60 frames per second.

iPhone 7 black sideral concept - iPhone 7: 4K video at 60 IPS and Matte Black model?This is a big improvement from the point of view of the fluidity of the videos since, as a reminder, the camera of the iPhone 6S records in 4K at 30 frames per second. If this rumor is confirmed, the iPhone 7 will then be the only smartphone offering such a configuration on the market. Moreover, this would probably explain the choice of the Apple to offer high storage capacities with its new iPhones.

In addition, the site also confirms a rumor already spread a few weeks ago. We are talking about the arrival of the matte black model which would be offered alongside the other colors already existing at Apple. It is said that this color will replace the space gray. However, nothing is yet assured for the moment and only tomorrow’s keynote will be able to confirm these speculations.