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iPhone 7: price comparison by country

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You probably know, the price ofiPhone 7 can vary widely by country. In a recent study, the Deutsche Bank analyzed the selling price of Apple?s latest premium phone around the world. The results indicate that it is in Turkey that the iPhone 7 is the most expensive today. For its research, the German bank took an interest in the 128 GB model.

To get the latest flagship apple brand phone, Turks must pay $ 1,200. The current situation in the country would explain this fairly large figure. Indeed, the local currency (new Turkish lira) has experienced a slight devaluation since October 2016.

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The iPhone 7 also sells at a fairly high price in Brazil, namely $ 1,115. Moreover, the land of samba occupied the first place in the classification of the Deutsche Bank last year (read: iPhone 6: its price in 27 countries around the world). The podium is closed by Russia with 1,086 dollars.

France comes in 15th place with the same price as Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. Version 7 of the iPhone is available from 962 euros in these countries. The iPhone 7 is the cheapest in the United States and Japan. Americans and Japanese can buy the phone for $ 815 ?only?.

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