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iPhone 7 Plus retro: a sublime model at nearly 1900 dollars

iphone 7 plus retro colorwave - iPhone 7 Plus rétro : un sublime modèle à près de 1900 dollars

iphone 7 plus retro colorwave - iPhone 7 Plus rétro : un sublime modèle à près de 1900 dollars

Apple lovers don’t hesitate to spend astronomical sums to buy the latest iPhone. Some consumers find the prices far too high, but they will be surprised to learn that the price can still go up thanks to this unusual version of theiPhone 7 More that pays homage to Macintosh.

iphone 7 plus retro colorwave - iPhone 7 Plus retro: a sublime model at nearly 1900 dollars

An iPhone 7 inspired by the 80s with the Macintosh

If you are passionate about Apple, you no doubt know the famous Macintosh that had a good existence during the 80s. Consumers seem to be nostalgic compared to various products, it was therefore decided to customize the iPhone 7 Plus by applying a slight customization which still increases the bill to 1899 dollars. It will really be in love with the Cupertino company to spend such an astronomical sum which should not curb some buyers. If some focus on promotions in stores and multimedia catalogs in search of a good deal, others are more oriented towards unusual products that can improve everyday life.

This iPhone 7 Plus is not really listed in this category, but it can still bring a good dose of pleasure to the buyer. For the past few years, consumers have continued to insist on this change in design. La Pomme has somewhat met their expectations with the Jet Black finish. Admittedly, the rendering has won over many customers, but others would like more personalized ink. ColorWare has therefore tried to meet all their expectations with this new version of Apple’s flagship Smartphone. The objective is simple, it consists in drawing a personalized product and this time it is the Macintosh which is at the origin of the transformations.

Retro fashion: a craze such as the iPhone 7 offers a new dress

Apple enthusiasts will quickly find the lines of the Macintosh, because the mobile offers a beautiful beige dress. The latter was characteristic of those computers that have revolutionized a generation for several years. They offer themselves a little rebirth through this personalization of the Smartphone which remains reserved all the same for certain purses. The price deployed is relatively high since it will cost exactly $ 1,899 to install this version in your pocket. It is important to note that this iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition will be at your disposal as long as this reference is included in the catalog of the Cupertino company.

The latter should inject a new model by September. Customers hope to benefit from a version transformed in terms of design, but Apple does not seem convinced by this profound modification of the dress. This brand decided to take the bull by the horns to try to meet all of their expectations. It is not the first time that it has opted for this important modification, because it has already had the leisure to customize certain accessories. It should be noted that retro fashion has aroused considerable interest in recent months, so there is a good chance that some consumers will be satisfied with this approach.

Only the dress of the iPhone 7 has been modified for this version

A little ingenuity was injected into this retro iPhone 7 Plus since you will quickly notice that the crunchy apple logo highlights the colors of the famous Macintosh. It is important to note that the brand behind this modification focused solely on the design. Therefore, you will have the possibility to find the same characteristics as it is at the level of the sensor for the photo, the internal memory of 128 Go… The company still wishes to catch the eye of the purists who would be interested in such a version . In addition, the first 25 buyers will have the right to a numbered reference, which adds an exceptional nice side that should fill some geeks likely to pay nearly 1899 dollars.

Of course, it is not Apple, which markets the mobile, but the company behind this customization. Just go to their online store to place (or not) an order.