iPhone 7, iPhone 8: iPhones that are always worth it

iPhone 7, iPhone 8: iPhones that are always worth it

One or two years after their launch, the performance of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus is still very satisfactory. As their prices have fallen over time, they are an alternative that deserves close study.

If the performance of iPhones has evolved in all areas over time (display quality, autonomy, quality of photos, raw power), to reach their peak with iPhones X, it should however be noted that those of models 7 / 7 Plus and 8/8 Plus were completely satisfactory at the time of their sale, that is to say at the end of 2016 and at the end of 2017. These smartphones shared, moreover, with the Samsung Galaxy S, the highest market rankings. And of course, their performance is still very satisfactory, one or two years later, if you are not in the habit of pushing your device to its limits.

Image 1: iPhone 7, iPhone 8: iPhones that are always worth it

Finally, the iPhone 7 Plus, or the iPhone 7 if you prefer a less bulky model, offers a very attractive price / quality ratio, if you use the smartphone to perform basic daily tasks (photos, web, email, etc.). On the other hand, if you are a gamer, the iPhone 8 is a more efficient alternative, while remaining less expensive than an iPhone X.

iPhone 7/7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB – € 659 at Darty

With the introduction of a second 12-megapixel photo sensor, theiPhone 7 benefits from a 2x optical zoom, which even allows it to take a practical advantage over its competitor Samsung of the time (Galaxy S7). In addition, the performance of its processor is excellent and the battery life reaches 10:38, which is quite correct.

If theiPhone 7 Plus is still for sale at major national resellers, such as Darty at around € 659, it can however be found – new – at € 495.99 on Ebay for example. Many refurbished models, even more affordable, are also available, for example on the Rakuten website.

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iPhone 8/8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB – € 799 at Darty

As to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, they continue the momentum of their predecessors, without making big changes, but rather slight optimizations here and there. Thus, their processor is a new model, always faster. And their possibilities in terms of photo and video (even when the brightness is very low) are reinforced. Their screen remains efficient (even if it does not match the OLED model of the Galaxy S8). Finally, they benefit from an even increased autonomy, since the iPhone 8 Plus reaches 11h16.

TheiPhone 8 Plus is available from Darty for € 799, or from Rakuten for € 735.99.

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Market places, ask about the seller

As usual, as we can see above, if you want to buy one of these smartphones, you have the choice between two options: pay the “normal” price in an online store (Darty, Boulanger, Rue du Commerce , Cdiscount, Amazon, etc.), or take advantage of lower rates on market places of some of these brands.

In the latter case, the smartphone is sold by a partner of the sales site, which can be located abroad, which can sometimes cause some problems: longer delivery time, poor communication in the event of a problem, etc. However, information on the real seller can be obtained by clicking on his name: his location, his rating given by Internet users, professional or individual seller, etc.

In any case, some sites, such as Ebay, allow you to pay using Paypal, which is the pledge to benefit from guarantees in case of problems (Paypal will manage disputes between sellers and buyers and reimburse you possibly).

Other sites, like Rakuten, build loyalty by making you benefit from bonus points (SuperPoints in this case at Rakuten), which you accumulate with each purchase, and which allow you to obtain discounts thereafter.

Refurbished iPhones, an increasingly attractive offer

Also pay attention to the condition of the device. It may be new or reconditioned. In this case, its warranty may be limited and certain accessories may not be supplied (headphones, cable, etc.).

In addition, some resellers, such as Back Market or Rebuy are specialized in the resale of reconditioned devices. Rebuy, for example, goes so far as to guarantee the devices 36 months (under certain conditions of course), and offers several levels of quality: “Like new”, “Very good condition”, “Good condition” and “Correct”. For example, the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus are respectively offered at € 503.99 (black model in 32 GB) and € 690.99 (silver model in 64 GB).

And the iPhone 6s?

As our test of the iPhone 6s Plus by our American colleagues shows, even the flagship smartphone of 2015 from Apple was technically well-off, with a Full HD screen (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) precise, offering very precise colors. and good brightness. In addition, the dimensions of the latter (5.5 inches) are still current and may appeal to users who are not attracted by the sometimes excessive size of some recent models.

iPhone 6s Plus (16 GB) – € 409 at Darty

And its 12 megapixel photo sensor takes full advantage of the presence of an optical stabilizer, for photos and videos. The test shows that the quality of the shots is close to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Finally, the processor is fast enough to meet all needs and the autonomy, more than 8 hours, is still quite satisfactory.

The iPhone 6 Plus is still available, new, on certain sites, for around 400 € (in 32 GB version). We can however find refurbished models, with a warranty of 6 or months, on Ebay or Rakuten.