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iPhone 7: Earning Lightning teased by a prop

iphone 7 ecouteurs lightning mobilefun - iPhone 7 : les EarPods Lightning teasés par un accessoiriste

iphone 7 ecouteurs lightning mobilefun - iPhone 7 : les EarPods Lightning teasés par un accessoiriste

If the iPhone 7, 7 More and 7 Pro are expected for September 9, according to a certain @evleaks, rumors about them keep coming. Indeed, if at this stage we know more about the probable final appearance of these Apple jewels, and the main characteristics which will be offered there, we also know that there could be a big one missing: the 3.5mm jack port . To compensate for its deletion, the Apple would have redirected the audio stream to the Lightning jack, and the EarPods Lightning expected to be connected to it have just leaked from an accessory store.

While some corridor noises announce the arrival at the end of the year of the first Bluetooth wireless headphones, it is clear that these will not be part of the iPhone 7 keynote. So, we can say without taking too much risk, that it is the Earning Lightning that will take the torch left by the 3.5mm jack plug.

iphone 7 lightning mobilefun headphones - iPhone 7: Lightning EarPods teased by an accessory maker

In a new video published a few hours ago, MobileFun, a well-known accessory maker from the world of Apple, we can see what these Lightning EarPods could look like, and this, in full operation. The EarPods present in the video use the visual codes and finishes of the EarPods currently offered in the packaging of the iPhone. Clean and sober finishes, standard size, remote control without couac at the side closure.

However, in addition to replacing the 3.5mm jack plug with Lightning, the EarPods presented by MobileFun are in all points in common with what is currently done at Cupertino. Even at the level of the intraocular auricles, nothing has really changed, and this is good news for purists. For those who still doubt it, the weight of MobileFun is almost enough to confirm the removal of the 3.5mm jack port, since it is an ancestral accessorist of Apple products.

As a reminder, the iPhone 7 should be presented on Friday, September 9, for availability only a few days later. A Dark Blue or Space Black model would be in the boxes, but in addition to the 3.5 mm jack port and the antennas better incorporated into the chassis of the beast, the iPhone 7 would be identical in all respects to the 6S, at least as far as the external appearance.