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IPhone 7 could finally be called iPhone 6SE

Concept iPhone 7 Bleu Noir Hajek 6 - L

Concept iPhone 7 Bleu Noir Hajek 6 - L

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Apple is certainly among the most anticipated smartphones of this year. For several months, the rumors concerning them did not cease multiplying on the canvas and informed us about their main characteristics, whether in terms of design or internal components. Today, it is his name that makes a lot of ink.

Concept iPhone 7 Blue Black Hajek 6 - The iPhone 7 could finally be called iPhone 6SETwo months from the date scheduled for its official presentation, it is rumored that the next Apple iPhone could finally be called iPhone 6SE. It is not the first time that this name is mentioned, since recent unreliable corridor noises had already reported a 6SE model. Now it’s the German site Apfelpage which revives the rumor and thus sows doubt about the real name of this future iPhone.

Although the name iPhone 6SE may surprise as everyone expects an iPhone 7, it nevertheless seems to have a certain logic. Indeed, as we all already know, this model will display an appearance very similar to that of the iPhone 6S, whereas generally, Apple offers a new design with each change of generation. Thus, it may well be that the Cupertino company keeps the name of iPhone 7 for its smartphone from next year. The iPhone 6SE, a logical continuation of the iPhone SE?