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iPhone 7: Apple suppliers would refuse to cut prices

foxconn remplace la moitie de ses employes par des robots - iPhone 7 : les fournisseurs d

foxconn remplace la moitie de ses employes par des robots - iPhone 7 : les fournisseurs d

The time when iPhone selling like hotcakes is a thing of the past. Since 2015, sales of smartphones with the acronym of Apple have been decreasing, and are at their lowest level. In addition to moving towards the search for a new growth engine, Apple would have also explored the track of the reduction of the royalties paid to its suppliers, in order to see perhaps the lower prices applied on its iPhone. Unfortunately, it appears that suppliers have refused to make an effort toiPhone 7.

While incessant rumors recently reported that Apple had started talks with its main suppliers (Foxconn and ASE) with a view to lowering their respective invoices for the iPhone 7, DigiTimes we learn that the latter would have simply refused, and would have resisted the pressure of the Apple.

Foxconn replaces half of its employees with robots - iPhone 7: Apple suppliers would refuse to cut their pricesApple has finally integrated the fact that the prices at which its smartphones are marketed are quite high, and would therefore have decided to review these downward, from the iPhone 7. However, the company wanted from its suppliers, that the latter reduce component prices by around 20%, while reducing their orders by around 30% compared to last year…

To put pressure, Apple would have decided to make competition with its suppliers, to obtain preferential prices on these components. Foxconn and ASE simply refused to respond to the request from Apple, which apparently relied in its arguments on the availability of attractive prices from new suppliers, and on the constantly growing number of alternative assembly plants by which she could pass for her iPhone 7.

Indeed, Apple is expected at the turn this year, to present the smartphone of the redemption, which according to the last noises of corridor would not be so famous. It would take all of the strengths of the iPhone 6S, with a few additions here and there. Will this be enough to justify the salty prices to which we will be entitled in September? The market will tell us soon enough, it’s only a matter of time.

DigiTimes explains finally that the refusal of Apple suppliers can be explained by the fact that they want Apple to change its policy towards them, consisting in wanting at all costs and with each new iPhone, to press on their profits .