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iPhone 7: a second comparison video with the iPhone 6s

iphone 6s vs iphone 7 maquette - iPhone 7 : une seconde vidéo de comparaison avec l?iPhone 6s

At the start of the week, we shared with you the first video comparing theiPhone 6S and a supposed iPhone 7 (read: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S: a first comparative video). If, like us, you find this one of very poor quality, the information of the day should delight you.

A second video called ?First iPhone 7 & iPhone 6 Comparison in HD?Has just appeared on YouTube, via the BeSound channel. As the name suggests, it compares the latest addition to Apple smartphones with a model of the future phone from the Cupertino company.

iphone 6s vs iphone 7 model - iPhone 7: a second comparison video with the iPhone 6s

Contrary to recent rumors, it is therefore not a supposed iPhone 7 from an Apple factory in Asia but a replica of the smartphone based on the latest hallway noises. This one was probably manufactured by an Asian company having had contact with employees of the Cupertino company.

Unsurprisingly, this iPhone 7 model has a design very close to that of the iPhone 6S, but with a larger surface-mounted camera, more discreet antenna strips, and without a 3.5 mm jack. As a reminder, it should be replaced by a second speaker. The presentation of the phone to the general public is scheduled for next September, during an Apple keynote.