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IPhone 6 would charge wirelessly

IPhone 6 would charge wirelessly

The fifth-generation iPhone has yet to emerge as rumors are already emerging around the sixth-generation iPhone, expected in summer 2012.

The Wall street journal launches a rumor that Apple could allow wireless charging of sixth generation iPhones, in the same way that HP allows recharging of smartphones running webOS (formerly developed by Palm) and with a 3.7-inch Retina Display.

The American daily confirms, at the same time, that the fifth generation iPhone, expected for the end of summer, at the beginning of autumn, will be thinner, lighter, with an 8 million pixel camera, an Apple A5 dual-core processor, with a Qualcomm chip allowing the iPhone to connect both on GSM networks, but also CDMA. Finally, the design would be almost identical to the current iPhone 4.

In addition, always according to the Wall street journal, the iPhone 5 just wasn’t ready for release this summer like the years before. This is not because iOS 5 was released later in the year, but simply because the hardware components were not ready. Ultimately, the general availability of iOS 5 will go hand in hand with the availability of the iPhone 5.

As for a low-cost iPhone, it would be well under construction, but it could be that, ultimately, an iPhone 4 with a capacity of 8GB.

Production of the iPhone 5 is expected to start in August for commercialization in late September.

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