iPhone 6: video concept with 4.4 inch screen

concept iphone 6 4.4 pouces - iPhone 6 : concept vidéo avec écran 4,4 pouces


Posted: November 21, 2013Updated: November 21, 2013

by Martin

The concept of the day, produced by Arthur Reis in collaboration with Ran Avni, presents us with a superb Iphone 6 inches with shatterproof Full HD screen, a Home button with new capabilities, a better fingerprint sensor (Touch ID), a 12MP rear camera with a larger sensor and filming in 1080p with 120 frames per second.

Add to that a 5MP Full HD front camera capable of taking excellent scenes even in low light, an A7X processor, a GPU 2 times faster, improved speakers, a battery with a battery life of 20 hours and finally 4G LTE and you undoubtedly get the best phone in the world!

concept iphone 6 4.4 inch - iPhone 6: video concept with 4.4 inch screen

This thinner and lighter iPhone 6 is likely to leave many dreamers… we want more! The video made by Arthur Reis himself:

In addition, the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone published another video presenting this concept of iPhone 6:

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