iPhone 6: teenage girl's phone catches fire

iPhone 6: teenage girl's phone catches fire

icon iphone 6What happened in the bedroom of young Kayla Ramos, a young 11-year-old girl, who saw her iPhone 6 sparks, catch fire and then explode …

This is what Apple will try to solve in the coming weeks, given the scale of the case …

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Teenage girl's iPhone catches fire and explodes

While in her bedroom, watching a YouTube video, the young Kayla first saw sparks coming out of Apple's phone: realizing the fault, she then threw the smartphone on the bed before see it ignite then explode!

Fortunately, more fear than harm since the girl had nothing, as her mother specifies:

My child could have caught fire and she could have been injured, and I'm glad she's doing well.

The family contacted Apple the next day, who then apologized for the inconvenience, asked for photos of the phone and a call back in the Apple Store to find out what could have happened. In the meantime, the young Kayla will be entitled to a new phone offered by the Apple.

Apple says this explosion may have been caused by the use of an unofficial or non-certified charging cable.