iPhone 6: summary of rumors on video

iphone 6 concept - iPhone 6 : récapitulatif des rumeurs en vidéo

To complement his excellent infographic of iPhone 6 rumors, Nowhereelse published a video summarizing this information about the next flagship smartphoneApple.

With the help of several Apple writers including Brad Reed from BGR, the French site has examined the various reports about theIphone 6 appeared this year, trying to estimate their probability rate.

iPhone 6 concept - iPhone 6: summary of the rumors on video

From the overall design of the phone to the size of the screen, not to mention the material of the front panel and the internal components, the video infographics reviews the various aspects of the iPhone 6 detailed in recent months in many leaks.

Certain features of the iPhone 6 seem to be almost confirmed, such as the overall redesign of the device’s appearance and the larger 4.7-inch screen, while other rumors (wireless charging, support NFC or a bright Apple logo) seem to be at the bottom of the ranking. We let you enjoy the realization: