iPhone 6 Plus: camera problems

iPhone 6 Plus flou Appareil photo - iPhone 6 Plus : des problèmes d’appareil photo

TheiPhone 6 Plus seems to pose serious problems for Apple. After the affair BendGate (read: Is the iPhone 6 Plus really easy to fold?), the brand’s flagship has been criticized for its reboot concerns (read: iPhone 6 Plus: unexpected reboots for some users). Today, it is the camera that is talking about him.

iPhone 6 Plus blurred Camera - iPhone 6 Plus: camera problems

Many users report that the camera on their iPhone 6 Plus is no longer working properly. After several weeks of normal use, it seems that optical image stabilization is no longer done. As you can see in the video below, the image is waving. The reported problem would also be present for photos, making them completely blurry.

Fortunately, the Apple manufacturer’s warranty has enabled the majority of these iPhone 6 Plus owners to have the camera replaced for free. The Cupertino company is therefore already aware of this defect and will probably communicate on the subject in the coming days.