iPhone 6: photo of the new Touch ID?

Touch ID iphone 6 - iPhone 6 : photo du nouveau Touch ID ?

A new photo supposed to show the Touch ID that Apple will use for its next Iphone 6 recently appeared on the web. The cliché, spotted by MacRumors then the French blog Nowhereelse, shows the two fingerprint scanners of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 side by side.

Touch ID iphone 6 - iPhone 6: photo of the new Touch ID?In the photo, we can see that there is no big difference between the two components. The screw holes that connect the sensor to the metal case inside the iPhone have however been moved, but this is the only notable change.

The picture itself doesn’t tell us much about the long-awaited iPhone 6. According to a report by China Times, Apple’s next fingerprint sensors should be more resistant than the Touch ID home button on current iPhones (read: iPhone 6 & iPad Air 2: improved Touch ID durability). This could therefore explain this slight makeover and in part the overall exterior redesign of the future smartphone.