iPhone 6: photo of the assembled logic board

iPhone 6 Logic Board - iPhone 6 : photo de la carte logique assemblée

A few weeks ago, we presented a photo of two blank logic cards very similar to those of theiPhone 5S, thus confirming the rumors about the release of two models of the next Apple smartphone (read: iPhone 6: photos of the printed circuit of the phablet model?).

One of these two logic cards has now been revealed in what appears to be its fully assembled form, in a photo relayed by relayed by Apple Club. Several physical features are visible in the photo, such as the nano-SIM slot, a number of connectors for the components of the flexible cable, and a Toshiba flash memory chip.iPhone 6 Logic Board - iPhone 6: photo of the assembled logic boardUnfortunately, the most interesting elements of the map are hidden under the electromagnetic shielding. A silver component on the lower left of the circuit board looks like a Wi-Fi module, but no brand is identifiable.

A second photo shows a pair of flexible cables believed to be those of theIphone 6. These seem to be the same as those that appeared on a recent snapshot of the front panel of the phone (read: iPhone 6: anti-scratch Apple logo & external camera?).