iPhone 6: concept with 4.5 inch curved sapphire screen

iPhone 6 saphir concept - iPhone 6 : concept avec écran saphir incurvé de 4,5 pouces


Posted: March 17 2014Updated: November 6, 2014

by Maxime

A new concept ofIphone 6 with sapphire crystal curved from 4.5 inch was published a few days ago on the internet. The future smartphone ofApple, whose release date is scheduled for September 2014, keeps working the imagination of thousands of people around the world.

iPhone 6 sapphire concept - iPhone 6: concept with 4.5 inch curved sapphire screen

Arthur Reis and Ran Avni, who created the video below, imagined a new iPhone with a larger screen. While most rumors have announced 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens, this concept presents an iPhone 6 with a 4.5-inch panel.

The iPhone 6 presented, with a new design with a brushed aluminum shell, has much more rounded edges than the current iPhone 5s. Such an approach could make the next smartphone easier to hold, which is likely to be a big concern if Apple increases the size of the phone. Regarding the screen, the concept describes a “curved sapphire screen“, Even if its curvature is not apparent in the video.