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IPhone 5S more successful than iPhone SE in India

iPhone SE - L

iPhone SE - L

Apple has huge interest in the smartphone market by India and currently sells many of its devices there. However, as Indians have a relatively low purchasing power compared to customers in other more developed countries, the brand’s smartphones are not very accessible for the inhabitants of this country.

In order to recover market share in several countries of the developing world, the apple company designed the iPhone SE, a high-end device offered at an affordable price (from 489 euros). However, if the recent report by IDC is to be believed, this strategy does not seem to be working in India.

iPhone SE - The iPhone 5S is more successful than the iPhone SE in IndiaIndeed, the iPhone 5S of 2013 is currently selling there better than the iPhone SE, which is of course explained by the price difference! Having been released before and presenting a less attractive technical sheet than the iPhone SE at the beginning of this year, the iPhone 5S is logically offered at a lower price. The Indians therefore prefer to buy this model rather than paying a large sum for the SE.

So, if Apple really wants to conquer the Indian market, it will have to change its strategy. Otherwise, its most recent phones will find very few buyers, especially since competing smartphones (especially Asian) are taking up more and more space on the market.