iPhone 5S: known features?

iphone 5S in big boxes - iPhone 5S : les caractéristiques connues ?

It is via Chinese production lines that the specifications of the next iPhone would have leaked. Shared on Weibo, the equivalent of Twitter in China, the photos show that the design would not have changed at all.

iphone 5S in big boxes - iPhone 5S: known features?

As you would expect, a Quad-core GPU will be embedded on the iPhone 5S scheduled for the next school year. In addition to that, RAM goes to 2Gb (against 1Gb currently). The CPU remains unchanged, although clocked at slightly higher frequencies. The camera is also improved. It is now a 12 megapixel sensor which is present on the smartphone and will allow you to make much more beautiful pictures! In addition, a double LED will appear to manage the flash system.

Screen side, it should be manufactured by Sharp with IGZO technology, a first. This should allow gain in display quality while reducing energy consumption : what more !

iphone 5S chassis - iPhone 5S: known features?

Finally, according to photos published in China, NFC chip to be integrated into new iPhone. Still at the rumor stage, information that the “home” button on the phone would be enhanced with a biometric function (in order to read the fingerprints) is reinforced.

Although a release in mid-September seemed to be the most likely, the production lines would have lagged behind and we still don’t know when the iPhone 5S will be revealed to the general public!