IPhone 5S cases: what differences with the iPhone 5?

coques iPhone 5s iPhone 5 differences - Coques iPhone 5S : quelles différences avec l

You know, the cockles of theiPhone 4S are compatible with those ofiPhone 4. What about those of the future iPhone 5S with those dedicated toiPhone 5 ? Indeed, the novelties brought by the 5S model have constrained Apple to make some modifications to the design of the latter.

According to the Appleinsider site, which contains the technical characteristics put online by Apple, there are two reasons why certain hulls intended for theiPhone 5 will not be compatible with the 5S. The first comes from double flash which is located higher on the latter. Thus, if your protection does not leave enough space around the flash, it will be partially hidden on theiPhone 5S, which will force you to remove it for your night photos…

iPhone 5s cases iPhone 5 differences - iPhone 5S cases: what differences with the iPhone 5?

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The second problem concerns the fingerprint sensor the home button, which takes up more space on the iPhone 5S. The part around this home button (metal circle) cannot be covered, so protections covering this surface must be avoided.

So be careful if you go from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5S or if you want to get ahead in your accessories…