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IPhone 5G release postponed for a month

IPhone 5G release postponed for a month

Delays in production plans in China could delay the release of the first iPhone 5G.

Apple could see its plans shaken at the end of the year, if we are to believe the words of Wamsi Mohan, analyst for the Bank of America, who estimates that the iPhone 5G could see its release postponed for a good month at the end of the year.

The analyst is based on the words of an expert in the production lines, who believes that the device could not be available in time given the delays recorded in China with the epidemic of coronavirus.

In addition to the iPhone 5G, other models could be impacted, the image of the iPhone 9, the small format model, the release of which could also be postponed for several months.

Remember, the first shortages of devices have been recorded in the United States and the problem seems serious enough to affect the activity of the American glove.

In China, several production plans for Wistron and Foxconn have been closed. If the factories have reopened since then, they would be idling. The American glove tried to recruit workers in the factories by offering kits including for some several devices of the apple, but a certain fear remains. Even if Apple manages to make its production plans 100% operational again, the American company could have supply concerns with its suppliers, which are also idling at the moment.