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iPhone 5G: Intel chip and release in 2020?

According to the information the site FastCompany, Apple would present his first iPhone 5G in 2020. To achieve this, Apple should collaborate with Intel to make a new chip compatible with 5G cellular networks.

According to the same media, the new chip would carry the number 8261. Meanwhile, Intel has unveiled its first 5G modem, the XMM 8160. Still according to FastCompany, the American firm would not be satisfied with the result regarding the version intended for the iPhone. The chip developed by Intel would still pose problems related to heat dissipation.

5G modem Intel XMM 8160 1024x682 - iPhone 5G: Intel chip and release in 2020?

As a reminder, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei are already looking into the subject and could offer smartphones with a 5G chip from 2019. Moreover, the arrival of this new network will revolutionize many markets including that of telephony mobile. Operators plan to offer it next year in certain regions. For France, it will only be available from 2020.

The first smartphones compatible with 5G are already presented by other brands. However, you should know that the 5th generation network standards were only finalized this year in the United States. The Cupertino company takes its time to offer an adapted iPhone, to bring up a notch the enthusiasm of users towards the brand.