iPhone 5C: videos of red and blue models in iOS 7

iPhone 5C: videos of red and blue models in iOS 7

While the presentation of the” iPhone 5C has never been so close (read: Apple: keynote in the USA on September 10, in China on September 11), videos of the future low-cost smartphoneApple are starting to appear on Youtube.

So the first video of a supposed iPhone 5C red turning under iOS 7 was published a few days ago by C Technology. We see a person browsing the Apple Store online from the native Safari application.

Although we can observe that the camera and the front speaker are aligned identically to theiPhone 5, the poor quality of the video does not allow to know more about this iDevice:

Today, C Technology just posted a second video with this time a iPhone 5C blue, still under iOS 7.

As on the first recording, this is a short demonstration of the device, with Safari and a rather fluid navigation in the different application pages:

We will have to wait until tomorrow with the announcement of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S by the Cupertino company to find out…