iPhone 5C: the real name of the low cost iPhone?

iPhone 5C boitiers - iPhone 5C : le vrai nom de l

In these times of rumors and false images concerning thelow cost iphone, Worldissmall tried to take stock of the future iPhone 5C ofApple and on its new (and likely) final name.

1 / A photo of iPhone 5C branded boxes shakes the canvas

Last Sunday, an image published on the Chinese social network Weibo, famous for its more or less true photos of future Apple products looks like a bomb. Indeed, we see dozens of boxes with writing “iPhone 5C”(For cheap or colors, the smartphone being announced as coming out in several colors)

iPhone 5C cases - iPhone 5C: the real name of the low cost iPhone?

2 / Nowhereelse denounces a fake

Rebound two days later, since our colleagues from Nowhereelse carefully analyzed the image and revealed several inconsistencies in it, including a noise-like texture still present around the logo and text.

iPhone 5C fake cases - iPhone 5C: the real name of the low cost iPhone?

Site founder Steve says:

The lower part of a logo visible through the wall of a box (1) as well as the mysterious black dot which precedes the text of the box visible at the bottom of the photo suggest that it has escaped the vigilance of the author of this possible photo montage.

Finally, note that my eye also stopped on some inexplicably blurred areas (2/4), on the curiously distorted frame of the C of the text of the box visible in the center of the photo (6) or even on a logo at first. view absent from one of the faces of these packages (5).

3 / Business Insider confirms the name of iPhone 5C

The site citing a contact linked directly to Apple claims to have heard the name ofiPhone 5C to designate the future low-cost smartphone from the apple company. In addition, iLounge has already used the term “iPhone 5C” to designate this iPhone model.

4 / The first iPhone 5S cases land on Amazon

The iDevices case makers wereted no time, and one of them already offers a model called elago S5C Slim Fit 2 Case for iPhone 5C and sold for $ 10.99. Of course, its size is based only on the various rumors that have been circulating for several months, namely a 4-inch screen and a larger plastic back cover and rounded edges. The bet is therefore risky!

iPhone 5C case - iPhone 5C: the real name of the low cost iPhone?