iPhone 5C: photos of the manuals?

iPhone 5C mode d emploi - iPhone 5C : photos des modes d’emploi ?

According to Twitter Chinese Weibo, the modes of employment of the future iPhone 5C would already be available. Thus, the site has unveiled some pictures of average qualities (as very often …) on which we can observe a drawing of thelow cost iphone white with black facade under iOS 7 as well as the logo Apple.

iPhone 5C manuals - iPhone 5C: photos of the manuals?

Note also attached to these instructions for use the usual pin to eject the drawer to recover his SIM card.

iPhone 5C manual - iPhone 5C: photos of the manuals?

The information is all the more interesting as the supposed boxes iPhone 5C were unveiled a few hours ago (read: iPhone 5C: photo of pink models in their boxes?). The white wallpaper of the white iPhone present on these instructions for use also coincides with that on the boxes of the pink models.

As a reminder, theiPhone 5C is expected to be presented on September 10 at the same time as theiPhone 5S and should be intended initially for emerging countries. Its price, meanwhile, is currently estimated at around $ 400 without a package.