iPhone 5C: a white prototype on sale on Ebay

iPhone 5C prototype ebay - iPhone 5C : un prototype blanc en vente sur Ebay

You like having the products Apple even before their official announcement? This is what the seller “arman_noori” offers you from the top of his unique positive evaluation…

For a few hours, a prototype has been put up for auction on the site Ebay.com with a description (in English) which states:

“It’s a real iPhone 5C prototype. It includes the back cover of the future smartphone. It is a telephone which does not work, in white version. I have other colors.

I have a few other rear hulls for sale after this one has been sold. If you are interested in details, write me a message.

Also, if you bid on this item, win and want a different color, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do. ”

iPhone 5C ebay prototype - iPhone 5C: a white prototype on sale on Ebay

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In addition to appearing not very credible because the man has several colors, the advertisement contains 3 photos which you have probably already crossed here: iPhone 5C / low cost: 58 high resolution photos since they come from Sonny Dickson

However, the most adventurous among you can still bid (for another 3 days), and at the time of writing, this prototype oflow cost iphone has already reached the sum of 455.09 euros.

As a reminder, theiPhone 5C should be presented at the same time as theiPhone 5S, during the Keynote on September 10.