IPhone 5 would be in final test phase

IPhone 5 would be in final test phase

Our colleagues from 9to5Mac report that the fifth-generation iPhone is in the final testing phase. Apple would therefore be on the verge of launching production of the iPhone 5, which would stick quite well with a presentation during the month of September for marketing at the end of the same month, or even in early October.

This final test phase allows Apple to distribute iPhone to partner operators so that they can carry out tests on their GSM / CDMA network.

In addition, the iOS 5 development kit (SDK) mentions two devices which are not yet available and which have the code names N94 and N93. The code name N94 denotes a fifth generation iPhone incorporating a dual core Apple A5 processor. The model under the code name N93 would be a variant of the N94, probably a specific model for an operator (perhaps CDMA), which would come to say that the iPhone of fifth generation would always be declined in two models: GSM and CDMA and not hybrid as some rumors implied (see: “iPhone 5 hybrid GSM / CDMA?")

But the possibility of a hybrid model: GSM / CDMA could still hold because the current iPhone 4 CDMA includes a CDMA chip compatible with GSM (this part is not active on the current generation). It is therefore not impossible that Apple will activate this chip in the next generation, which would also reduce the production lines for mounting iPhone.

Last year, the iPhone 4 models were codenamed N90 for the iPhone 4 GSM and N92 for the CDMA model. So the N93 model could therefore refer to an iPhone for another operator which could be the American operator Sprint or T-Mobile.

The latest element revealed by the iOS 5 development kit (SDK) is the 5 million pixel sensor in the N93 model. There would therefore be no 8 million pixel sensor as announced by some rumors. That said, there are still 3 months left for Apple to refine its next generation iPhone (if announcements are made in September). We can trust them when we see the level of finish of the current iPhone 4 black and especially in white.

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