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IPhone 5 to go on sale October 7

IPhone 5 to go on sale October 7

According to the 9To5Mac site, the iPhone 5 will be released on October 7. Pre-orders could start at the end of September.

We are almost there ! The site 9to5mac just to unveil information that Apple will begin marketing the iPhone 5 from October 7. According to the same source, the Cupertino company hesitated between October 7 and 14 to sell his new product but would have finally opted for the first choice because of the latest prototypes tested and perfectly meeting the various quality criteria.

All that remains is to wait for an invitation to the press conference which will introduce the new product. according to 9to5mac, the next “keynote” could take place during the month of September. Without counting on the pre-order of the new machine which could start on September 29 or 30. to confirm.

In addition, a few days ago, the journalist Kara Swisher of the site All Thing Digital (Wall Street Journal) and in particular “close to Apple” recently affirmed on Twitter that it was more likely that Apple would start marketing “ next iPhone ”in October rather than September. Information that would therefore be confirmed according to the revelation of 9to5mac.

As a reminder, the iPhone 5 should integrate the new “dual-core” A5 processor, an 8 mgapixel camera and should opt for a thinner design.

Finally, Apple’s new smartphone will also integrate iOS 5, the Cupertino’s new mobile operating system, which will include a number of new features, including iCloud, a virtual storage service accessible online.

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(Source: 9to5mac )