iPhone 5: the latest rumors

iPhone 5: the latest rumors

Engadget's writing would have gotten wind from his former editor, new information about the next generation of the iPhone. Its design could now be thinner (like the iPod touch) and have a metallic rear shell in the same shape as the MacBook Air. Its screen, it could be ultimately 3.7 ″ and not more than 4 ″ as rumors claimed in recent months. note that the integration of the new notch would reduce the current borders as what could offer competition in the coming months. Furthermore, the display resolution would not be changed (960 x 640).

The change also on the side of the Home button, if it could still be present, it is its integration that would be modified and now be enlarged to make room for the arrival of new touch functions.

Finally, the new device could integrate a future Qualcomm Gobi chip capable of operating on all GSM and CDMA type networks. An opportunity for Apple to facilitate logistics at the production line level.

Based on this information, an iPhone 5 concept has been realized, it is to be discovered above.

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