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iPhone 5: start of preparations for its launch?

iPhone 5: start of preparations for its launch?

New clue in the upcoming introduction of the iPhone 5: the site Mac rumors claims to have heard, over the weekend, that Apple recently contacted former Apple Store employees, in the United States, to offer them a fixed-term employment contract, for the period from August 15 to September 15. An employment contract which would consist in strengthening the teams currently in place for the arrival of new products. The source does not give more details about this or these future product (s) to come, but everything suggests that it could obviously be the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S).

More recently, the site Boy Genius Report, indicates that they have received the information that a plan to launch a new product is currently being communicated to employees of the AT&T operator in the United States. Everything must be done so that these are formed as quickly as possible and that they are available during the famous period mid-August to mid-September.

Recall that in mid-July, rumors indicated that the Apple Stores English and German were already actively looking for staff to strengthen their teams for the same period.

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