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iPhone 5 gar: San Francisco police initiate investigation

iPhone 5 gar: San Francisco police initiate investigation

San Francisco police are launching an investigation into the combined intervention of police and Apple detectives into the search for a lost iPhone prototype.

Not long ago, we brought you the pripties of a prototype iPhone 5 lost in a bar in San Francisco, found by a young man of 22, who finally saw himself not searched by the police, but by detectives The story is worthy of the best American TV series. The SFPD had to react, its credibility so badly damaged in this story.

Following these events, Lieutenant Troy Dangerfield of the San Francisco police told the CNET television channel on Wednesday that an internal investigation had just been opened in order to discover that it was the involvement of the two Apple detective during the search of the suspect Sergio Caldern's home. Certain obscure zones are still to be clarified and will be the subject of a press release when the dossier is more advanced, probably after this weekend.

It is a safe bet that this extraordinary adventure will find its pilogue soon, but in what sense?

We discuss it on the forum.

[Source: 9to5Mac]