iPhone 5: dj tested by operators?

iPhone 5: dj tested by operators?

IPhone 5 units have already been dispatched to test operators. An important step in product development before production begins.

Journalist Charles Arthur of the Guadian claims to have received information that Apple recently sent copies of the iPhone 5 to its usual distributors and partners. These units which will be used to carry out tests have been sent under a highly secure device. It would not be surprising if these iPhones were camouflaged on their exterior appearance to reinforce security around a possible information leak. According to the reporter, the fact that Apple may have recently sent these test units is an important step in the development of the next generation of the product. A step that generally precedes the start of production which analysts had estimated in recent months, that it would begin at this time.

As a reminder, the iPhone 5 is expected probably for next month, see in early October as suggested by the latest rumors.

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(Source: The Guardian )