iPhone 5: compatibility with all networks?

iPhone 5: compatibility with all networks?

The question now arises: will the iPhone 5 be a “Global Phone” or not? Clearly, will the iPhone 5 be able to connect to both the GSM and CDMA networks?

Currently, the iPhone 4 is available in two models, one compatible on the GSM network (AT&T) and the other on the CDMA network (Verizon)! The question is whether Apple will combine these two models in one for the next version? Ensure that only one model is able to be used on both networks.

Fran Shammo, chief financial officer of Verizon, could have sold the game by implying that the next iPhone would be a “Global iPhone”!

To find your way around the different networks, here is a little graphic:

Apple’s biggest challenge in this case would be to combine the bands of the two available networks in one device: 4 2G bands, 5 3G bands and at least 2 CDMA bands. The “catch” is that with the current design of the iPhone 4, the feat would prove impossible to achieve, unless a compromise, which the general manager of Apple, Tim Cook, would refuse. simplify when switching to 4G LTE, but by then, we should stick to current standards!

The iPhone 5 will therefore be available in two very distinct versions: the iPhone GSM and the iPhone CDMA, considering that Apple will only use the Qualcomm MDM6600 chipset on the two models, since this chip is compatible with all of the bands GSM / UMTS and CDMA currently used by Apple.

In this way, Apple will already bring the two models closer to each other, moving towards a unified model for the next generations …

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