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iPhone 5: Apple tests new prototypes

iPhone 5: Apple tests new prototypes

Rumors are surfing fast on the web, here is a new one for the iPhone 5: new Quad-Core processor and new resolutions!

Macerkopf is rumored by two independent sources close to the Apple file to be a rumor that Apple is testing iPhone 5 prototypes that include a quad-core processor, among others.

We can well imagine that Apple intends to give more power to these avant-garde processors but the question that burns our lips: will the autonomy of the machine of the future be up to it? Nothing is less certain but as for the notches, they announce heavy!

Apple would be testing a device of 1280 x 720 (720p), as well as a second, capable of rendering a daring resolution, of 1440 x 800! The ratios of these are totally different from the Retina (960 x 640) as we know it (3: 2).

The 720p would provide a 16: 9th result and for the 1440 x 800, let's add 100 pixels wide (1440 x 900), which could also provide a final rendering equivalent to the 16: 9me.

Sources add that Apple is considering both a dual-core and a quad-core in its future smartphone.

Would you be interested in having such a screen resolution in your future iPhones?

We discuss it on the forum.

(source: Macerkopf)