iPhone 5: a transition model?

iPhone 5: a transition model?

While the white iPhone 4 should probably be on the market next week (see possibly this week), the mystery still hangs around the arrival of the iPhone 5. For analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, working for Concord Securities, the next generation would be introduced in September. If the latter believed that the design of the next machine should not undergo major changes, he nevertheless predicted that the new model would have a rear shell in black metal.

Going deeper, the analyst also claims that the new model should integrate an 8 mgapixel camera, a dual-core Apple A5 processor (the same as the iPad 2), a new antenna system, and a UMTS / CDMA chip. produced by Qualcomm.

In addition, and according to the same source, the first production tests of the iPhone 5 should start in August and reach "a cruising speed" in September.

Finally, Kuo indicates that he has already obtained some information about the iPhone 6. The next model – whose release would be planned for the first half of 2012 – should have a new design and incorporate a more significant hardware change.

Note that Ming-Chi Kuo is the analyst who had predicted with accuracy the resolution of iPad 2 or the release of white iPhone 4 in April (even if the period of this last device is still confirmed).

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