iPhone 5: a postponement 2012 because of the processor?

According to the Chinese site Sohu.com, the A5 processor and the iPhone 5 would not do a good job, causing the device to overheat, which is difficult to control.

The problem would come from the fact that the A5 processor from Samsung would be engraved at 45 nm, therefore twice as much as for its A4 predecessor. With the iPad 2, this did not cause any concern, the space being sufficient inside the hull. What does not seem to be the case with the iPhone 5 …

As a result, the release of the iPhone 5 may be postponed to 2012, but the Cupertino company would release an iPhone 4S in September to keep everyone waiting. It is not excluded that Apple can skip the A5 processor on the next iPhone. The Cupertino company could decide to delay waiting for the release of the A6 processor (28nm), the release of which is scheduled for next year.

The same source predicts, for its part, the release of an iPhone 4S in September with an A4 processor modified to dual-core, an 8 mgapixel photo sensor, and support for 4G.

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