iPhone 5: 64GB storage capacity?

iPhone 5: 64GB storage capacity?

While we still speculate on the release date of the next generation of the iPhone, new information comes to feed the suspense. Will Apple's memory card provider Toshiba make a 64 GB chip for the iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 will eventually have a 64 GB flash memory. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer presented its new Smart Nand flash memory cards yesterday afternoon. The manufacturer now engraves in 24 nm which would allow it to increase its capacities up to 64 GB. This so-called “24-nanometer process” generation on which the Japanese company insists facilitates large storage capacities, increased read and write access speeds and an even smaller chip size.

So far, it's the Korean manufacturer Samsung that is making its flash memory available for the iPhone. However, the Cupertino company has already opted for Toshiba flash memory for the iPod Touch 4G and the iPad 2. It is therefore more than likely that the next generation of the iPhone may follow this trend.

As a reminder, a prototype iPhone 4 dot with 64 GB of flash memory circulated on the Chinese gray market, at the beginning of the month. This prototype based on the design of the iPhone 4 could have served as a test base for the fifth generation of the product.

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