IPhone 4S struggles against the cold

IPhone 4S struggles against the cold

In this period of extreme cold, it is better to protect your iPhone 4S to maintain its proper functioning. At least that's what a recent study in Finland claims.

Will the iPhone 4S work properly in negative temperatures? This is the question that the Finnish site recently asked itself Mikro PC. To try to answer this question, the latter had fun comparing the cold resistance of the iPhone 4S but also of the best-selling smartphones.

To carry out this test, these smartphones were placed in a weather box where their resistance was subjected to different temperature levels ranging from 0C -40C.

At the start of the 0C test, no problems were reported for all smartphones. On the other hand, it is from -5C that the first problems are felt. Indeed, the iPhone 4S and the Noka C1-01 are no longer able to detect the SIM card. The problem could therefore come rather from the SIM card but it is clear that the two devices however have difficulties correctly displaying the battery life.

-10C, the situation does not improve for the iPhone 4S. On the contrary, since the device turns off and is impossible to turn on again! Other smartphones, they will suffer the same fate but much more negative temperatures, -15C and -20C.

In the end, it was the Samsung Galaxy S2 that won the cold resistance prize since the latter was able to hold a record temperature of -30C.

According to this mixed result for the iPhone 4S, it is therefore important to remember that it is important to protect it properly during this period of extreme cold. A good tui Otterbox type could do the trick, but please keep your smartphone in your pocket most of the time!

If you have “tips” to protect your iPhone in these weather conditions, please let us know by commenting below.

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(Via MikroPC | Thank you @Esdeebee for the info! )