iPhone 4S: start of pre-orders in certain countries

iPhone 4S: start of pre-orders in certain countries

The iPhone 4S is available for pre-order at select Apple Stores online. For Belgium, we will still have to wait …

As planned and specified during the keynote this Tuesday, the iPhone 4S is now available for pre-order on the Apple Online Store in countries where the new smartphone will be marketed as of next Friday, namely: the United States, France, Germany, Japan and Canada.

For us Belgians, it is not yet certain that we will be able to have this same pre-order system. Nevertheless, the iPhone 4S will be marketed in our cons Friday October 28. An information who was confirmed notably by operator Mobistar this Wednesday on his Facebook page.

For your part, if you plan to get the new device, will you make arrangements to be able to take advantage of it from the first phase of its launch?

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