China: Apple in bad shape

IPhone 4S launched in January in China

While we are still without official news from Apple on the launch of the iPhone 4S, we learn today that the Minister of Industry and Information Technology has granted the glove the authorization to market your smartphone on the soil of the People's Republic before the Chinese New Year, i.e. by January 23, 2012.

While Apple planned to launch its iPhone 4S before the New Year in China, it would seem that the glove will ultimately have to settle for the Chinese New Year, which begins on January 24. The Minister of Industry and Information Technology has indeed revealed that he had authorized Apple to market the iPhone 4S, but this was apparently done under the A1431 model, which means that the iPhone 4S is recognized as the iPhone 4 by the government. Apple probably used this idea to facilitate the release of its smartphone in China.

The Chinese New Year, which represents the most festive period of the year in the republic, a bit like the holiday season here, should generate very large Apple revenues with the release of this new model. However, many users may find that Siri is not yet compatible with Mandarin, the main language of mainland China – the connected republics, generally speaking Cantonese, in reference to the cantons. Apple has nevertheless indicated that Siri will be compatible with Mandarin by March 2012. A small delay on the schedule therefore, but nothing very serious ultimately.

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Source: AppleInsider