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iPhone 4S: follow its launch live!

iPhone 4S: follow its launch live!


Today, the iPhone 4S is launched in several countries (Germany, Australia, Canada, United States, France, Japan and the United Kingdom). Belgium-iPhone invites you to follow the event live! Come back often to this page which will be updated every hour.

If you are there, do not hesitate to send us your photos and describe the atmosphere! 😉

To write to us, use the following e-mail address: bip (at)

We discuss it on the forum.

Here is the summary of your photos and your reactions already sent to the editor:

00h00 ′ (Centro, Oberhausen, Germany): According to a testimony published on the forum, about sixty people are present on the spot and wait in the parking lot of the shopping center. We also learn that it will exceptionally open its doors at 7:30 am to be able to let people in.

0h20 ′ (Opra, Paris): the queue is getting longer and longer enough to cause some traffic problems. There are no less than 200 people already there to spend the night!

Lilia's testimony: "A lot of different cultures even if we notice a large majority of Russians and Romanians who are not always nice (quite a bit trying to gain the slightest place). Beside a, beautiful meetings and a pleasure to speak culture with precisely some Russians and Asians present in the same galley. We learn a lot about others while waiting for the precious, which helps a lot to wait… ”.

06:20 ′ (Covent Garden Apple Store, London): Photo posted on Twitter by @NikkorNoct. (Thanks Samuel for the info!)

08:24 ′ (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris): The line is getting bigger and bigger! According to our source on site, no less than 500 people are already present! Apple Store staff keep the organization running smoothly.

Testimony of Sbastien: “We arrived at the Opra Apple Store around 2am and given the very large number of people there (between 300 and 400 people), we decided to go to the side of the Apple Store at the Carrousel du Louvre. at three in the morning, there were at most 50 people queuing outside the building. An hour later, we were allowed to enter the building and form a line directly from the apple shop. At the time of my writing, there are at least 500 people on site! But the queue does not yet seem to stand out outside the building. However, it would not be too late… ”.

9h27 ′ (Apple Store in the Velizy shopping center, Paris Sud): According to our correspondent present on site, around fifty people were present on site from 3 am. A few hours later (around 9am), we could count at least 200 people. "The hardest part was having to wait outside the mall because it was pretty cold last night," said Didier Blaise. "At around 9:00 am, the Apple Store staff divided the long line into different small groups of about 30 people each time." "A few minutes later, the Apple Store finally opened and started receiving the first customers!". "The atmosphere is excellent on site, you can feel the excitement in the air", he adds.

10:18 ′ (Carrousel Louvre, Paris): Apple Store staff have warned that it is no longer possible to be able to purchase the iPhone 4S in a 64GB version. In addition, few people are finally allowed to enter the store. “Distribution” of the iPhone 4S takes place in a dropper (thank you Christophe J. for the info!)

10:37 ′ (Centro, Oberhausen, Germany): Several hundred people are inside and most importantly, outside the mega shopping complex. (Thanks Jrome – Mobile Fanatik for the info!)

3 p.m. (Centro, Oberhausen, Germany): The queue does not collapse on the side of the Centro in Germany. Several hundred people are still waiting to be able to hypothetically get their hands on the new iPhone (Thanks Ramoutcho for the info!)

Ongoing discussion on the forum.

To write to us, use the following e-mail address: bip (at)