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iPhone: 40,000 euros spent at the end of your life by renewing it every year


Posted: June 15 2019
Updated: June 17, 2019

by Steve

Funny study that here, and yet revealing of the cost of the products ofApple. If you are a diehard fan of the brand, you very often renew your iPhone. Some of you even change it every year, depending on the release of the apple brand. A smartphone buyout site, Decluttr, decided to calculate the total cost of these renewals, just to estimate the money you will spend on iPhone over your entire life.

The Decluttr group starts from a general principle, but not necessarily true. The site estimates that you buy your first iPhone at 18, and your last at 81. In other words, the calculation takes into account an iPhone bought every year for 63 years. In total, the amount of money spent will reach the trifle of 45,408 dollars (about 40,000 euros). On the other side of the Atlantic, users who take an unlimited package from American operators will get it for … 103,000 dollars (just under 100,000 euros). In France, prices are cheaper.

One factor is taken into account in the calculation: inflation, or at least the rise in the annual price of new Apple iPhones. If Apple keeps this increase every year, the iPhone will cost $ 6,309 in sixty years! Besides, Decluttr says the price of the apple phone has climbed 114% in just 10 years. Another data put forward: an American must work 53 hours to afford the basic iPhone XS at 999 dollars. In 2008, 28 hours was enough for the last iPhone. In 60 years, if the hourly wage increases in the same way as the price of the iPhone, it will take 306 hours to afford an iPhone!