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iPhone 4: New survey confirms reception problems

Consumer Reports, the American equivalent of Test-Purchases, advises against the purchase of an iPhone 4 following a new investigation into the reception problems of the latest Apple.

When a finger or hand obscures the bottom of the metal outline on the left side of the iPhone, a significant drop in the GSM signal is confirmed. This problem can be particularly troublesome for left-handers.

To carry out this new investigation, Consumer Reports bought 3 iPhone 4 in several different stores. These iPhone 4s have been placed in an isolated room which does not allow outside radio frequencies to pass. These iPhone 4s have therefore been connected to a special docking station which simulates a transmitting GSM antenna.

The association of American consumers did not hesitate to support its new investigation by carrying out the same tests with an iPhone 3GS and a Palm Pre. Neither of these smartphones suffered signal loss during the test. Only the iPhone 4 showed a significant drop in the reception signal.

Consumer Reports therefore questions Apple's press release which states that this is a software problem which should be resolved soon. A hardware problem coupled with the poor quality of the network of the American operator AT&T does not help the problem.

The only recommended solutions always remain the same: place a piece of sticky paper on this sensitive area located on the lower left side of the metal outline, or place a protection such as the bumper sold by Apple.

The association of American consumers therefore advises, at present, the purchase of an iPhone 3GS rather than an iPhone 4 (despite the many new features such as the front camera, the Apple A4 processor, etc …).

We discuss it on the forum.

(Consumer Reports)