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IPhone 4 launch in France: live from the Carrousel du Louvre (update)

The excitement has reigned since last night on the side of the Apple Store in Paris located at the Carrousel du Louvre where we learn just now that the doors of the famous store have just opened. While waiting to receive the first photos of the interior, here are some pictures taken a few hours before the opening.

We also found that all the people who had been patiently waiting since last night (about 300 people) had to undergo a crowd movement this morning following the arrival of the security service of the Apple Store. The latter, wishing to – take matters into their own hands – decided finally to separate the crowd in two lines. One reserved for people with the precious reservation and the other, reserved for people who hope to receive the new iPhone while stocks last. Note that during the formation of these two lines, some people who occupied the first places since last night ended up at the end of the line … Imagine the frustration!

Update 8:50 am + new photos:

The first people – including several Belgium-iPhone members – have already left the Louvre Apple Store with their new iPhone under their arms. The atmosphere on site is rather excellent and everything is finally well organized. Croissants and water are served to the many people who have been waiting for long hours.

Philism, one of our Belgium-iPhone members, tells us that many Germans are there as well as many people from eastern countries. Belgians are also obviously there and in large numbers. Some of them were even a little panicked this morning to arrive late because of the general strike in France since this morning and causing many traffic jams. The most important thing was to arrive at the famous Muse du Louvre square and be able to leave with “His new precious”.

Update 3:15 p.m. + new videos:

The Apple Store at Carroussel du Louvre is always crowded. All the people who had reserved their iPhone were well served and even those who did not have a reservation were also able to take advantage in limited quantities, however.

Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain information regarding the number of iPhones sold. We can just tell you there were a lot of them. The figure of 20,000 iPhone 4 was however quoted to us concerning the stock reserved for the launch in France and this at first.

Finally, we learned that the warranty for the iPhone 4 sold in France was international and therefore passed directly through the customer service of the firm Apple. It would be the same for Belgium! We await clarifications on this subject which should happen to us in the course of the day…

We discuss it on the forum.

Make way for photos (Thank you Philisme, Pascal, Pat329 and Didier):